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Lost Causes

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Lost Causes is a live internet radio show and podcast hosted on blogtalkradio.com dedicated to the show LOST on ABC. There are three hosts for the show, Jamie, Jenn and Ang. The three of us met through Shaun from Shaun OMac Radio and decided to do our own show about Bionic Woman, called Bionic Angels. (We now cover such shows as Kyle XY, The Sarah Conner Chronicles, and other sci-fi shows.) (You can keep up to date about this at bionicangels.) With the start of the fourth season of LOST we decided to spinoff into another show, which became Lost Causes. Our live show will premiere on Wednesday night/Thursday morning at midnight (eastern). (The time may change for the following weeks, but it will be posted.) We live to have people call-in to the show and voice their opinion of the show or even the webmaze! Don't be shy, it's just like talking to three friends on the telephone!

To join in, visit Lost Causes. The live show is 12:00 midnight eastern/11:00 central on Wednesday nights/Thursday mornings. Don't forget to join the live chat and that you can call in! To stay updated, please join our community.

We will sometimes be discussing spoilers, but we will give a warning for if you do not want to be spoiled.

And you are welcome to visit the LOST chat, Borkovision. The official chat times are during and after the LOST episodes (the busiest times) but it is open all the time.

My name is Jamie, and on livejournal I go by merlina_thalia. On the Bionic Angels chat I usually go by Bio-Jamie and if you look at any of my The X-Files or LOST related stuff I have also gone by ScullyGirl818. I became involved with internet radio through Shaun of Shaun OMac Radio when he was first on LV Rocks. I later appeared on S2Dradio, and then on Shaun OMac Radio. Later I was also on the spinoff show of The Two Doctors. I was asked to join the new show on BTR, Bionic Angels, and the rest is history. I love most sci-fi shows and currently run the science fiction web site www.scifivision.com, as well as the scifivision community scifivision. I run other sci-fi sites as well, the newest being Kyle XY Fans which are all linked from scifivision. I also host the LOST chat, Borkovision. To know more about me, feel free to check out my personal lj and if you like scifi, please join scifivision!

Hello! My name is Angela, my friends call me Ang (not Angie, never been a fan of the name and I may not answer you! ;)). I am married to Kenn, who does The Two Doctors show, and we have two children. I am also one of the owners of MediaBlvd.com and I have a website dedicated to Bionic Woman at BionicWoman.tv. I became familiar with internet radio through Shaun of Shaunomac Radio when he did S2Dradio. When he went to blogtalkradio.com he approached me about doing a show. I though about it and decided I would like to do a show about the upcoming show Bionic Woman on NBC. So I approached Jamie and Jenn who I had met through his show and they agreed to join me as co-hosts. I love doing the radio show and have met some great people while doing it. I hope number of listeners continues to grow and we can meet even more wonderful fans. I love getting people to call-in to our live show, just adds a new perspective to things. I'm working on learning to join in on the live chat we do during the live show, but so far I'm not so good at talking and typing at the same time! So I hope you join us and let us know what you think, I look forward to meeting new people!

Coming soon when she writes it